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Trophies, Playstation 3's answer to Xbox 360's Achievements, have faced one major problem since their inception earlier this year: developers keep neglecting to include the damn things in their games. Fear not, PS3 owners - next year, none of your virtual achievements will go unrecorded.

Today a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe told Videogamer that starting in January, all new PS3 games must have Trophies. The fact that Trophies weren't required for PS3 games but Achievements were required for Xbox 360 games is the reason why Trophy support is so sporadic but why every Xbox 360 game has Achievements. These game companies want to get their product out as quick as possible and if you tell them "It'd be cool if you could add these virtual trophy things but don't worry if you can't," don't be surprised if they don't.

Well, there you have it. Trophies for all your games. Just imagine the possibilities!

Cop 1: (studying your bloated, Skittles-filled corpse) Looks like a heart attack.
Cop 2: What's that he's holding?
Cop 1: Looks like a game controller. Must've died right in the middle of a game.
Cop 2: (looks at the television screen) Wow, that's a lot of Trophies. He really lived, didn't he?
Cop 1: (nods solemnly, eyes mist) Yeah, he really lived.