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Starbreeze and Overkill Software have sent out word that their venture with 505 Games with publishing Payday 2 turned out to be a massive success, so much so that the entire first month of release for the game was nothing but profit.

Reddit user PureEvil666 spotted the investor PDF from Starbreeze where they outline that the game is gold, pure gold and nothing but gold.

Chucked through Google translate, the investor note that was released today, outlines that...
After a month in the trade game has sold 1.58 million units to store och digitally. It is noteworthy that 80% of these units were sold digitally. Volition digital strategy continues to prove successful.

That means that more than 1.2 million copies of the game were moved digitally, and I wouldn't be a fair bit surprised that the Glorious PC Master Race were responsible for a large portion of those sales.

That's not to mention that the PC version of Payday 2 really is the definitive version. The graphics are absolutely top notch and the enemy AI are absolutely killer. Couple this in with extremely smooth online play and tons of games to easily find with the matchmaking system and you have yourself a recipe for success.

Unfortunately, the console versions of the game didn't fare quite as well in the review and longevity process due to releasing with lesser content and shoddier assets.

Nevertheless, a large portion of gamers were already convinced that Payday 2 was a sexy-time experience waiting to happen; a glorious interactive journey way into the pseudo-experience of heists you'll never get to partake in, in real life. The game broke even in pre-orders alone and had the pleasure of releasing in August to nothing but profit, profit, profit.

I've got nothing but love for the game. While I didn't particularly care for the first game, I thoroughly enjoyed Payday 2 to the point where I wish I could be playing it right now instead of a certain other MMO.

Anyway, Overkill Software has already committed to a strong DLC plan for Payday 2 and they also have some huge plans in store regarding safe houses and some other features. I'm just amazed at how much content they managed to squeeze into the game as it stands. It's just extremely impressive.

I guess it's safe to say that Payday as a franchise certainly has legs to stand on and I can't wait to see how the brand grows and matures from here on.

Overkill Software should glad that they have a successful brand on their hands and the good will of the gaming community behind them; it will go a long way as they continue down the road of success.

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