One of the best things about nerd culture is the fact that many of the fans are some truly dedicated individuals. Sometimes these talented folks manage to entertain us with their own contributions made in honor of their favorite movie, comic book or video game, such as this latest music video mixing violin, guitar, dubstep and...Pokemon?

By now, I assume it's safe to say that we're all aware that the next entries in the obscenely popular Pokemon series, X and Y, will be arriving in just a couple short weeks. It's understandable that fans of the series would be extremely excited, and it just so happens that Youtube musical celebrities Kurt Hugo Schneider and Lindsey Stirling are among the Poke-fanbase.

You might remember Sterling for her appearances on America's Got Talent a couple of years ago, mixing her violin with some unexpected new beats and even more unexpected dance moves. Sterling has already let her nerd flag fly a couple of times in the past, too, offering up her own spins on music from Legend of Zelda and The Lord of the Rings.

This time around, Sterling and Schneider have combined their considerable talents in order to create a musical tribute to the Pokemon games, featuring a couple of familiar faces, a healthy dose of trouble (and make that double) and a Pikachu furry that's one part adorable and one part terrifying. Schneider recently posted the video to his Youtube page and, at the end, he even does a commercial of sorts for the upcoming 3DS game. It was a nice thought and all, Schneider, but I'm thinking Nintendo doesn't need any extra help pushing this particular series out to the consumers.

Seeing Sterling and Schneider's latest video got me to thinking about all of the other Pokemon tributes that have been made over the years, reminding me of one of my very favorites from just a few years ago. It's called Pokemon: Apokelypse, and it's just about one of the best fake live action movie trailers inspired by a video game you're likely to ever see.

The premise here is: What if Pokemon were real and, years after the lighthearted fun of collecting and battling the little critters for sport turned sour, Ash Ketchum found himself on the wrong side of the law, battling Pokemon in underground fight leagues and going toe to toe with one of the most dangerous corporations the world has ever known? Yeah, it's pretty damn brilliant.

And, finally, we'll cap off this whirlwind tour of all things Pokemon with one of the latest trailers for X and Y. Watch it and get pumped, because the time to once again catch 'em all is coming on Oct. 12. Or, you could always get in the spirit a little early with the recently released Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL consoles.

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