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Primal Carnage Gameplay Footage Features Angry T-Rex, Raptors

LukeWarm Media has been slowly churning out new footage of their upcoming FPS vs TPS human vs dinosaur shooter/action game, and the newest footage looks a little like Crysis meets Jurassic Park, as players face off against a hungry, angry T-Rex and a few velociraptors.

The video footage below is chock full of action and the animations and gun mechanics look exceptionally tight. I was a little worried about this game at first, but as you’ll see the quality looks on par (if not better) than most supposed triple-A games out there.

Much like Project Blackout, Primal Carnage has a player-vs-player mode that sees some players in the roles of hunters and some players in the role of the killer dinosaurs. The objective is simple: kill or be killed, and eaten.

The environments are exceptionally impressive, especially with the physics-based foliage that moves, sways and reacts to the movements of the players and the dinosaurs. That’s good stuff right there.

A beta is expected to get underway soon and gamers can learn more about Primal Carnage by heading on over to the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.