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The first official trailer for Project CARS is just as awesome as the community-made trailers that pimped the game's graphics to the high heavens and back.

Usually the trailers are made by WMD member Jonz or any of the other multitude of crowd-funding backers who helped turn Project CARS into a reality. The indie project has really gone full-gear in a genre that many have felt creep into a creek of stolidness and died there, a death of repetitiveness and downgraded visuals (also known as The Forzaning).

Thankfully, Slightly Mad Studios has resurrected the realistic racing simulator for home consoles by bridging striking visuals with dynamic, physics-based driving, even getting Forbe's Erik Kain to comment, saying...
“I have to admit, nothing so far has looked as incredibly realistic as the indie Project CARS”.

The trailer above gives gamers a small taste of some of the advanced motorsport mechanics infused into the very core of the game, as you can see the engine pumping the lifeblood that roars through the frame of the chassis at top-speeds, or the shocks springing into action in an attempt to stabilize the wheel housing on an axle that tilts and sways with every high-speed turn and death-defying bump the car takes; bending fiercely to the will of the road. We see the iron grip of a pro-driver locked onto the rubber ridges around the steering wheel, as man and machine fight and fuse together – the force of the road dictating the direction, but the heart of man pouring his passion into the speed for which the car will conquer the turn. A melding force of gravity and defiance, working against each other and yet joining hand-in-hand to bring the high-speed thrills of motor racing to life. This is the essence of Project CARS.

I've loved every trailer for the game and while this official trailer doesn't quite capture the artistic flair of some of the other marvelously directed trailers by Jonz, it does give gamers a very keen insight into the exact kind of game that Project CARS will be, once it goes gold.

It's still a bit of a mystery as to what this game will look like when it launches on the Xbox One and PS4 – or more importantly, at what resolution the game will run on the Xbox One. We do know that a base target of 720p at 30fps is what Slightly Mad Studios is going for on the Wii U, which isn't bad at all given that they're cranking up the graphics settings to the max and making use of multi-threaded design techniques to squeeze the most out of the system.

In addition to the above, the Wii U will also receive special Gamepad treatment and features native to the system. This should be very interesting, as it could make for great split-screen gameplay (if it's included) or being able to see all the HUD on the Gamepad while the main screen only shows the on-screen racing action.

You can expect Project CARS to arrive for home consoles and PC this November. You can check out the multi-part video series detailing each of the cars in the game or visit the official website to learn more about the project.

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