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Project CARS Trailer Features NASCARs In Glorious 2K Resolution

Want to see the future? Well, you'll need a time machine. Want to see what the present day PC gaming landscape looks like? Well you can check it out in a new Project CARS video that was recently uploaded, featuring pre-alpha gameplay of stock cars on the California Highway.

The video comes courtesy of Expressions of Nothing, where it's a full race that spans just over eight minutes.

We've seen this track on display a number of times before. It's a popular track for YouTubers to upload, no doubt. But it's not the race that helps bring the game to life and it's not just exciting for the fact that we get to see NASCARs tearing up a road race, the real arrowhead to the chest that drives the point home more than Dick Cheney's creepy starring from the bushes when Baby Bush was in office, is the graphics.

That's right, the real star of the video happens to be the graphics.

By all accounts, if you weren't readily paying attention you could mistakenly believe that you were looking at real life footage from a NASCAR road race. Slightly Mad Studios has gone over and beyond as far as photorealistic lighting and vehicular representation goes. I know there are some strong critics of Project CARS' physics systems, but just going by the video above, you can clearly see that the game seems to mirroring the real-life handling of vehicles far better than any other game out there on the market.

The real treat is that the video above is completely untouched. What you're seeing comes straight from a backer's home PC. And just for your information, he's running twin GTX 780s in SLI in order to hit that sweet 2560x1440 resolution. Simply put: that's the gloriousness of the PC Master Race at play right there, folks.

Any console warriors thinking that the PS4 or the Xbox One will ever hit those resolutions with a game like Project CARS can just keep on dreaming. The likelihood of the PS4 and Xbox One hitting stable 2K resolutions and a game running ay 60fps that looks like anything better than Starbound or Minecraft is about as likely as Paul Ryan dropping some cajones to become house speaker.

This video alone – for a game that's still not due out for PC and home consoles until the end of this year – shows just how far the gap is between PCs and new generation game consoles.

In fact, we're looking at a gap where high-end PCs can stably and effortlessly run the best looking game due out this year at 2K resolutions and with nary a hiccup in the performance. Where-as, the complete opposite end of the spectrum has the Xbox One struggling to hit 1080p at 30fps like Kobe struggles to maintain his performance in the shadow of Lebron, or NBC struggles to get ratings up enough to justify that it's not some flaccid cable outlet impersonating a national network.

You can look for Project CARS to launch later this year for the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U if you're into peasantry, or you can pick up the Glorious copy of the game for PC. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.