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Quantum Break VGX Trailer Reveals The Xbox One Exclusive's Gameplay

Remedy Entertainment showed off their Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break during Spike VGX last night. The presentation, helmed by writer Sam Lake, included details on both the game's story and its mechanics.

At the beginning of Quantum Break, an experiment related to time travel at Riverport University goes horribly wrong. The incident literally "breaks" time. It creates anomalies across the planet where time freezes and then quickly skips forward and backward.

"The end of time is coming," Lake said in his presentation.

Three people were present during the botched experiment: Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Paul Serene. Serene, the head of a shady corp called Monarch Industries, is the game's antagonist. Joyce and Wilder are the playable heroes of the game and will presumably stop Serene's mysterious plans while also fixing the space-time continuum.

Quantum Break is a third-person shooter with a dynamic cover system. Players will use weapons as well as time manipulation powers in combat. Lake didn't explain what these time powers include but Joyce is seen running at super-speed during one gameplay scene. I'd imagine that our heroes have some sort of slow-down ability as well.

The time anomalies serve as the game's battlegrounds. The players will enter a moment of intense destruction, such as a bridge blowing up, and confront enemies while everything around them is frozen in place. The effect that these environments have on your battles is unclear. If nothing else, it looks stunning.

While many questions remain about Quantum Break, Lake assures gamers that if they'll enjoy the ride if they liked Remedy's previous games.

"For us, this project is a dream come true. We've taken everything we've learned about interactive storytelling from Alan Wake and stylized cinematic action from Max Payne. We've raised the bar much higher and brought these elements together into one game, creating the ultimate Remedy experience."

Quantum Break is being developed for an unknown release date. It will launch alongside a television show. Remedy says that the game and show will impact each other.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.