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There are a lot of high expectations for Forza Motorsport 6 on the Xbox One. Turn 10 Studios has to prove that this newest game isn't just going to be retread of Forza 5 and they also have to push the game forward in some capacity. Well, they're definitely aiming to push boundaries with the rain.

During Microsoft's GamesCom 2015 press conference they unleashed a video that's now on the Xbox YouTube channel explaining how rain helps change the way Forza 6 is played and experienced. Check it out below.

It's very interesting that they put a lot of focus on the rain in this upcoming game – building the rain physics and how it affects the cars into the actual simulation is a neat step. I like that they also scanned the tracks for topographical idiosyncrasies that would cause puddles to form under various conditions and how that would affect a car's performance and handling on the track.

I've always personally preferred Forza Motorsport over Gran Turismo due to the overall amount of features the series aims to include, and here I definitely think they're going about the rain simulation in the right way.

In the video above, we don't really get too many nitty gritty details about tire pressure, what tire temperatures would be required to maintain grip on a wet surface, or how car height and altering wheel suspension can change up the way the car handles during rainy weather; but they do lay the groundwork that car settings and weather will play a huge part in how players will deal with racing when a track is wet.

If I did have a criticism about the video and the rainy weather in Forza 6 it would be that the rain effects aren't quite up to par to what we see in games like Driveclub. If you haven't seen the rain effects in Driveclub you're really missing out. Evolution Studios did a fantastic job making the atmosphere and the effects look as real as possible. Visually I still think that's the game to beat when it comes to racing simulators.

As for Forza 6 and its next closest rival Project CARS... I think both games have rain effects that are almost on par. I'm not really fond of how either game handles the water kick-up around the cars – it looks very seventh-gen, especially compared to the way the ground effects are handled in a game like Avalanche Studios' upcoming Mad Max, which uses volumetric plumes.

I'm also curious about how well the rain effects will work with Turn 10 Studios' aim to get the game running smoothly at 1080p and 60fps. As we all know, that's no easy feat for the Xbox One and in the case of Project CARS even running at 900p and 60fps the game still struggled to stay above 40fps when the rain effects were in full force on the Xbox One.

We'll see what kind of magic Turn 10 pulled out of the hat to stabilize the game's frame-rate when Forza 6 launches next month on September 15th exclusively for the Xbox One.

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