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The staged demonstration for Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege sent shockwaves through the gaming industry, as many gamers were excited about two things regarding the video: First, it was Rainbow Six making a return to form as a tactical, realistic (sort of) shooter and that the game supposedly carried some amazing, procedurally dynamic physical destruction mechanics. Well, shortly after the stage demonstration went live, a lot of gamers eventually began to think about how Ubisoft previously released stage demos at E3 and then later released the game and noticed that the two were mutually exclusive, as far as presentation, graphics and gameplay go. Well, Ubisoft wanted to change their image as the company who puts out amazing stage demos but fails to deliver on the gameplay front, by releasing an actual gameplay video of Rainbow Six: Siege.

The twenty-plus minute video above gives players several rounds of gameplay in a multiplayer match featuring two teams taking turns as terrorists and as the law enforcement agency dedicated to stopping them.

PC Gamer managed to spot the full gameplay footage for Siege via a YouTube upload, following previously released multiplayer videos that were broken down into playlist sets.

As we can see from the vertical multiplayer slice, a lot of what's on display is very similar to the E3 video, which you can view below for comparison purposes.

It should go without saying that the E3 demo is far more dynamic than the multiplayer video at the top. As you can see, there are all sorts of post-processing and dynamic environmental effects no longer available in the real game. The video at the top of the article is likely what you'll end up with, just as the video above this paragraph is the target render Ubisoft would hope to achieve (or if you're lucky, you might find it tucked away in the game's files... just like Watch Dogs).

One game that's not aiming to trick, swindle or deceive anyone with presentation trickery is the upcoming Due Process. It's a tactical, team deathmatch game with procedural destruction physics. The game already features everything Rainbow Six: Siege is hoping to achieve.

The interesting thing about it is that Due Process is a game that will only grow, where-as Rainbow Six: Siege is a game that will always be measured up against its E3 stage demo.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft is working hard to bring the game up to the standards expected of games from eighth-gen, and that means they're targeting 60fps for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

You can look for Rainbow Six: Siege to launch for the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC. For more info, feel free to pay a visit to the game's official website.
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