Ravensdale Is A Four-Player Co-op, Diesel-Knight Action Game

If Warhammer 40k decided to settle down and marry a diesel-punk maiden from medieval times, their offspring would be a little something-something called Ravensdale, a four-player cooperative action title that's also a side-scrolling, garage-fantasy adventure game. Yeah, in short... this game is awesome.

So what's the catch? The catch is that the game isn't completely made yet and it's only in its prototyping stages. Based on what's been showcased in the video above, the concept art from the Kickstarter page and the description of the game, I'm already sold. This looks awesome. Plus, we just don't get enough diesel-punk games or four-player cooperative platforming titles, so this game really does stand out above and beyond many other typical action titles out there.

The team behind the game are Black Forest Games, the same group of minds who recently had Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams successfully Kickstarted and released (or releasing) on multiple platforms.

One of the things I like about their Kickstarter video is that Black Forest makes it apparent that they're proven. They delivered. They're trustworthy. They're punctual. I think that's going to become a growing market point in pushing Kickstarters out there given that there will be a few studios out there saying “Hey you know that Kickstarter we did that took two years too long to release and went over budget by a few extra million? Well, we want to try again but we promise we'll stay on point this time.”

Also, I can't stress enough that this is a radically badarse concept. We're not talking about another zombie survival shooter or another Slender Man knockoff, we're talking about a diesel-knight cooperative action game with some slick platforming and some slick diesel-punk weapons.

My only worry for this game is that despite the completely righteous concept and the ability to team up with your friends and mow down hordes of goblins like a Space Marine trapped in the dark ages, Black Forest is asking for a rather mammoth $500,000 for their new IP and I have no idea if the gaming community was warmed enough with their churn of Giana Sisters to warrant the $500k price tag for Ravensdale.

Nevertheless, we can always hope that what good deeds Black Forest contributed with their timely release of an old-school IP will grant them enough favor with the gaming community to hit the $500,000 mark. At least Black Forest was upfront about their intentions, and even mentioned that they're using some of the revenue (or in this case, the profit) from Giana Sisters and so the costs put on gamers for getting the game finished is slightly lessened, though still high.

If you like what Black Forest is selling and you want to get in on the bid, feel free to pay a visit to their official Kickstarter page.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.