A few months ago you might remember a game (or maybe not) going by the name of The Red Solstice, an action-packed real-time strategy, thriller-survival game. Well, the indie studio working on the game, IronWard Games, needs a little help getting to the finish line so they're going the crowd-sourcing route but not through KickStarter.

An alternative to KickStarter, IndieGoGo, allows for any number of projects to be kick-started through crowd-sourced funding, including music, film art and more. The Red Solstice is aiming for a $10,000 goal and they're already nearly $2,000 down (as of the writing of this article) with only $8,000 to go.

Instead of trying to explain every aspect of the game, I'll let the video trailer do all the talking, which you can view below and decide if the game is worth your time (and money).

Interesting, eh? The multiplayer concepts really add an extra layer to the game, especially when you toss in the fact that it's more survival-oriented than most other strategy games out there.

What's more is that players must strive to gather as many resources as possible while also keeping the team alive and fighting off hordes of fugly creatures.

I like Ironward's throwback approach to the game's design, incorporating a more old-school feel to the gameplay while imbedding a number of new-school features and concepts.

If you're interested in supporting this title and seeing it get some extra polish as it heads to the market feel free to drop by the official Red Solstice IndieGoGo page to learn more about the project and whether you want to support Ironward Games and their upcoming action-survival RTS.

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