The Red Solstice is being designed by a group of independent developers. It's not a typical strategy game given that players will approach the action more like an isometric shooter game, similar to classic titles like Crusader and Take No Prisoners from the golden-era of gaming. Nevertheless, all the skills and tactical requirements from a typical RTS for overcoming the odds are still necessary for victory.

A new trailer was released showing off how the arcade action and the real-time strategy come into play for the upcoming game, The Red Solstice. It has a hint of Warhammer meets Alien Shooter to it. Check it out in the trailer below.

I love it how in each transitional scene you hear the repeated line "Move it, Marine!" all throughout the trailer. Someone could easily toss together an annoying viral video made up of that little phrase.

As for the game itself, it looks pretty good. The more characters you have under your command the more complex the game seems to become. I like how the developers take the standard RTS genre but reel it in closer to an arcade corridor shooter. That's a very inventive way of breaking in a new kind of gameplay mechanic.

You can learn more about The Red Solstice by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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