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Survival horror fans have something to get excited about as Capcom has officially clarified that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake is not a straight remaster of the PlayStation classic, but rather a brand new version of the game built from the ground up.

Confusion over the matter began when Capcom released a financial results briefing in late October. We knew by then that a Resident Evil 2 remake was coming down the pipeline but, according to the report, the game was being called a “remaster.”

Gamers have become quite familiar with remasters over the past couple of generations, typically re-launches of previously successful games that have been given a graphical and audio upgrade, as well as the occasional inclusion of spiffy new features like a speed-run mode. The sticking point is that remasters typically work off of the original game while a “remake” is usually a brand new product that stays true to the original but is built on new engines, new hardware, etc.

Considering the fact that Resident Evil 2 hails from the PlayStation era, it’s no surprise that a straight remaster of the game had series fans concerned. Again, RE2 is a beloved game, but those controls and graphics don’t really hold up nowadays and could only be “beautified” so far. It was especially odd to hear the game being called a remaster when the original Resident Evil received a fantastic remake earlier this year.

Thankfuly, Capcom’s UK Senior Marketing Director Stuart Turner has taken to social media to clarify that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 game is, in fact, a remake rather than a remaster. His explanation on Twitter? A simple misunderstanding.
Seems to be a few people picking up a mistranslation in our own investor report. RE2 will be a full from the ground up remake NOT a remaster.
So there you have it, horror fans. You can breathe a sigh of relief now, as your precious Raccoon City will be coming to modern consoles looking as good as you had hoped in the form of a remade Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil has been big in the news lately, with a remaster (not remake) of Resident Evil 6 getting some buzz alongside a potential Resident Evil 7 and even a Resident Evil FPS. In other words, it’s a good time to be a ResEvil fan and a bad time to be a zombie.

At this point, if seems like a Resident Evil 3 remake is looking pretty likely, but Capcom is probably waiting to see how well the RE2 remake des first.

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