I hate to say it, but Capcom has probably done the most “right” thing for PC gamers in a long time with their announcement of the PC version of Resident Evil 6. I can say, just based on the descriptions in the press release, the PC version is the definitive version of the Resident Evil 6 experience, containing free DLC from the outset, additional modes, additional features for existing modes, better support, and more configuration options to fine-tune the game experience.

At the start of this generation I was definitely more Xbox fanboy than anything else, but as the gen wore on and games became stale Hollywood-wannabe travesties, I found most of my fun on the PC space where mods expanded the life of a game and the graphics, sound, immersion and framerate were a heck of a lot better. Capcom seems to – and I don't know why – understand that the PC is a great place now to expand on the gameplay possibilities of a game and they're doing just that with Resident Evil 6.

For starters, the game's graphics will be configurable for even the most high-end rigs out there. An FOV option will be present. The PC version will allow for more enemies on the screen at once and the mode The Mercenaries: No Mercy has been added to take full advantage of the additional RAM in higher-end gaming rigs.

It doesn't stop there, though. The DLC that console gamers had to pay for free will be available day-one, for free, packaged in with the launch price of the game. No additional purchases or patches required. This includes Ada Wong's campaign along with her co-op partner and PC gamers will have full access to all the benefits of ResidentEvil.net.

I know we've given Capcom a lot of grief here at Gaming Blend, especially over the whole disc-locked content fiasco...but so long as Capcom doesn't repeat integrity-dampening tactics such as on-disc DLC, and they keep moving in their current direction then there's hope for them yet.

Resident Evil 6 will be available on PC beginning March 22nd, digitally in North America and both at retail and digitally in Europe for only $39.99. If that's not a day-one buy I honestly don't know what is. While Resident Evil 6 incurred some very unfavorable review scores on its release for console, I honestly think that the game might be worth getting on PC just because of the extra content, configurable options and cheaper price. What's not to like?

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