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Resident Evil Zero HD Lets You Become Albert Wesker

The upcoming re-release of Resident Evil Zero is going to let players become the series' long-time villain Albert Wesker. The new Wesker Mode lets you become him during the campaign.

Wesker Mode swaps out Billy Coen for Albert. Rebecca Chambers is still the other character but is wearing a bad-ass black outfit to match her new partner. If new character skins were the extent of the mode, I'm sure plenty of Resident Evil fans would be happy. Who doesn't like a chance to become the bad guy?

However, playing as Wesker is a whole new experience. He has some of the superpowers he acquired in later Resident Evil games. The trailer shows him running around with lightning speed and zapping zombies with lasers from his eyes. It's possible that he has other tricks up his sleeve but even those two abilities should make your play-through pretty easy.

Wesker has been playable in spin-offs like Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Mercenaries 3D. This Wesker Mode is, to my knowledge, the first time players have been able to control him for the entirety of a main series game, though. It's a nice reward for long-time Resident Evil fans.

Resident Evil Zero is set before the first game in the series. STARS' Bravo Team has been sent to the Arklay Mountains outside of Raccoon City to investigate a string of murders. After being unexpectedly separated from her team, Rebecca Chambers is forced to team up with escaped convict Billy Coen to fight off the various monsters now inhabiting the area.

Capcom previously revealed that they're touching up the graphics of the game as well. Wesker Mode is the first brand-new feature they've announced for the re-release thus far. It could be the only new addition to so I hope you enjoy it.

Resident Evil Zero will be sold with the recent Resident Evil remake in a PS4 and Xbox One bundle called Resident Evil Origins Collection. The Origins Collection will be available starting January 19th for $39.99.

Sometime in "early 2016," Capcom will also begin selling Resident Evil Zero on its own for $19.99 on PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox 360.