Valve has announced on their Steam blog that six more games have been greenlit for Steam's store, the handful-and-one-finger set of games includes the pixelated female rendition of Max Payne called Bleed, complete with a rocking purple hairdo; the extremely controversial Game Dev Tycoon has been greenlit, along with Legends of Eisenwald.

I'm extremely happy that the French game Riot has been greenlit. It was a game that took the Greenlight page and the gaming media at large by storm. It's a politically motivated game that puts players in the role of either rioters/protestors or as the police...the sword and shield of protection. The game is visually stimulating and extremely politically motivated. I wouldn't doubt that at some point Riot will make it into mainstream media coverage at some point.

Other games making the cut include Stardew Valley, the four-player cooperative title that seems to mix a bit of classic JRPG adventuring with Harvest Moon qualities to make up a very interesting mix of gameplay.

Last but not least is The Legend, a really atmospheric horror title that has an extremely strong visual taste about it that looks more like a horror movie from Dimension Extremes than it does a game. As indicated by that video below, this game looks like a crazy, heart-pumping thrillride, a little like Slender on steroids.

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