Interceptor Entertainment is going all-out, they want PC gamers back and they want them back hard. They've gone and done the unthinkable: They're designing Rise of the Triad to be consumer friendly. That's right, the game will have a budget price, it will be moddable from top to bottom, it will feature post-launch DLC for free and best of all...there will be no DRM. The game will also launch digitally for $14.99.

I'd almost suggest every core PC gamer purchase this title just to show the big-wigs that PC gaming isn't dying and that you don't need draconian DRM to secure sales. I think I'm just excited that a developer would implement time and effort into an old-school method of game design, knowing that in some ways the odds are stacked against them.

But according to Joystiq, Interceptor Entertainment just wants to bring back the Golden Era of gameplay fun; hopping into a PC title to have fun just the same as hopping out of it, modding it and hopping back in to still have fun. The biggest problem with a lot of PC titles is that they're ported over (usually poorly) from consoles and then they have piss-poor support.

The highlight of Rise of the Triad is that since it's built on the Unreal Engine, modding comes standard (mostly) and the team wants to focus on community feedback, ala Tripwire Interactive and Killing Floor. This means that the game may include new weapons, enemies and other goodies post-launch, depending on what gamers want. It's insane and almost feels like this sort of news is coming from another dimension.

Hopefully this kind of mentality is infectious, and other developers take on this frame of thinking. Could you imagine if Battlefield 3 had allowed for mods? It could have been EA and DICE reaping all the benefits from a mod like DayZ instead of Bohemia Interactive and Arma II.

You can learn more about the remake of Rise of the Triad or join in on the discussion by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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