It looks like Alex and Ryan are set to return to the hard streets of River City on a quest for justice as Combit Studios announces a sequel to River City Ransom is (once again) in the works.

Back in 2007, Gaming Blend called out River City Ransom as being one of the top five game series deserving of a resurrection. It looked like that was going to happen, too, when in 2011 it was announced that Miracle Kidz were in the process of making River City Ransom 2. That, obviously, fell through.

But for those who were disheartened by the collapse of Ransom 2, you can rest easy in knowing that Combit Studios is still fighting the good fight. While their game is not planned to be called River City Ransom 2, it is planned as an official sequel to the NES classic, and they will be working closely with Million Co. to make sure this follow-up “is in the spirit of the original.”

The announcement went up on Combit's blog earlier today, explaining that the game is set for an August 2014 launch and, later this summer, the developer will kick off a crowd-funding campaign to help make development a success. Given how eager die-hard fans are to fork over a little cash to see a dream project come to fruition, I'm guessing that Combit will have little trouble meeting their funding goal.

For those who maybe didn't grow up in the early 90's, River City Ransom is one of the seminal beat-em-up titles for the NES, featuring all of the kicks, punches and random pick-up games of baseball you would expect from the genre. Developers have taken inspiration from Ransom for the past two decades, including the more recent Scott Pilgrm vs. The World.

River City Ransom is a classic in every sense of the world, and hopefully we'll actually get to see a sequel come to market this time, yeah?

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