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We always take rumors with a grain of salt in the game industry. There were times when people said they had blueprints of the PS4 or concept art for the Xbox 720, all of which have faded into the obscurity of false truths with a little bit of time. However, some rumors have some backbone to them and Deus Ex: Human Revolution using Kinect is one of those rumors. The latest director’s cut cinematic trailer reveals something very, very interesting that goes against what one of the producers said they wouldn’t be doing for the game.

In an interview with Computer and Videogames back during E3 2010, the game’s producer mentioned that the game was too far into development to add support for Kinect, Move or stereoscopic 3D. The producer also goes on to mention that the possibility of adding support for any of the aforementioned could be done through a patch or maybe planned for the sequel. However, if you pay attention to the end of the new cinematic director’s cut trailer you’ll notice that the Kinect logo appears at the very end in the licensed property and trademark reference. Keep in mind that it's usually games that feature the use of Kinect refer to the Kinect trademark in trailers.

So what does this mean? Well, it could mean nothing or it could mean that the developers could be utilizing some gesture-based movements to coincide with the gameplay; possibly swinging an arm here or there to stab someone or kicking a leg here or there to knock someone down. What would be more interesting is being able to use Kinect to hack into computers, control drones, scope out rooms using cameras, similar to Tom Cruise and his hand-ballet in Minority Report.

Whatever the case, it appears Kinect will be used in some capacity for the game when it launches early next year. You can learn more about Deus Ex: Human Revolution by visiting the Official Website.

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