Currently PS3 owners can stream TV shows through their console with Netflix. They may get a second option soon, though.

BusinessWeek reports that Sony and Hulu L.L.C. are close to an agreement that would bring that service to the PS3. A deal could be announced as early as next week. BusinessWeek cited "two people with knowledge of the talks" in their article. Both companies declined to comment.

Gamers would pay a subscription to get on-demand TV episodes from NBC, Fox, and ABC. That selection may expand soon, though. The article states Hulu is also in talks with CBS, Viacom, and Time Warner to license their shows.

If this article sounds familiar, it's because last month a story broke about Hulu coming to Xbox 360. Licensing issues between Hulu and content providers were said to be holding up the deal, though. Wouldn't those same problems be an issue for a PS3 Hulu? If theyv'e been resolved, wouldn't that mean an Xbox 360 Hulu is ready to go, too?

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