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The latest Saints Row 4 trailer profiles the leader of the Third Street Saints, now the President of the United States. As you might imagine from his background, he doesn't behave like other presidents.

Shortly after the Saints' leader takes office, aliens invade Earth. To keep the Saints from interfering with their plans, the aliens trap them in a simulated version of Steelport. The gang must escape the fake Steelport and defeat the extraterrestrial invaders.

Because the game largely takes place in this simulation, it can be even more unrealistic than other Saints Row games. The President is seen kicking people like footballs or throwing them with telekinesis. He also possesses super speed and agility, allowing him to run and jump around like an agent from Crackdown. There's a brief shot in the trailer of him flying through the air.

Pre-ordering SR4 will give you an automatic upgrade to the Commander-in-Chief Edition. This bundle unlocks a new Uncle Sam outfit along with a hybrid weapon called the 'Merica. The President will also get access to a jet called the Screaming Eagle.

SR4 will hit stores in August.

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