Sanctum 2 Draws To A Close With The Last Stand DLC

The journey through Sanctum 2 finally comes to a close as the fourth and final DLC expansion pack, “The Last Stand” launches on PC.

For fans of the tower defense/shooting hybrid, Sanctum 2, the battle for alien planets, air purifiers and survival has been one littered with the corpses of fallen enemies, the smoldering remains of unprotected assets and the sizzle of a plasma rifle still cooling from yet another hard-fought battle.

Launching earlier this year on PC (and subsequently on consoles), Sanctum 2 is primed to receive its final bit of DLC content in the form of todays “The Last Stand” expansion, including new enemies, weapons and more.

“The last battle wave is here,” reads a statement from the developers at Coffee Stain Studios. “This update delivers a magnificent conclusion to Sanctume 2 as indie development team Coffee Stain Studios has saved the coolest new weapons, titanic tower defense machines and the most sinister enemies for this intense and frantic DLC expansion.”

You can grab The Last Stand for $3.99 on Steam starting today or, if you haven’t purchased the three earlier doses of DLC goodness, you can grab the entire season pass for $11.99 and save yourself a few bucks.

“Without a doubt, we pretty much went ball crazy with this final expansion update,” said Coffee Stain CEO Anton Westberg. “While we concentrated on telling the compelling Sanctum 2 backstory with the first DLC packs, we are going out in a blaze of explosive glory with The Last Stand. And I think we really went out with a tremendous bang for our final update.”

As for what you’ll get in this latest batch of DLC, the answer is “a little bit of everything.” Two new enemies have joined the fray, including the Spore Pods, which fly slowly in large numbers and dive in like suicide bombers when you get to close, and the fast-moving Spore Keeper, which can hit you with a shockwave or homing projectiles.

To help combat this new threat, you’ll be equipped with a pair of new weapons including the Smatterband, which launches sticky explosive charges, as well as the Plasma Rifle, which offers an explosive secondary fire option.

You’ll also be aided by a pair of new towers to help create your defenses, including an Anti-Air Tower which launches explosive long-range homing projectiles, and the Orbital Strike Relay, which wields super powerful laser beams.

Finally, a collection of new perks will help make your soldier the best they can be, including increased hip-fire damage, boosts for killing enemies in certain ways, speedy health regeneration and more.

For those looking for new locations to explore, this bad boy also comes with four new maps to defend. For more details or to purchase the game, head on over to Steam.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.