Dubstep is sometimes seen as an overused and overplayed music choice in a lot of games, but it seems to fit in quite well with the indie project from D-Pad Studio, where you control a mystical savant with the ability to blast the living crap out of any and everything that stands in his way.

The game uses a really awesome mechanic where the game's music helps to unlock new powers and abilities. This is done by collecting CDs scattered throughout the game's stages that not only add diversity to the game's soundtrack but also expand the main protagonist's powers.

As noted on the game's description page...
There are 4 CD soundtracks to unlock, which also grants you permanent powers. You are free to choose which soundtrack to listen to, while still being able to use the unlocked power. CDs are unlocked by collecting CD-pieces, 16 of them scattered across the game.

It's such a weird yet cool way to level up your character while also getting hold of some cool synthesized dubstep tunes.

A lot of gamers and critics alike have praised the game for its unique use of music to help make the game feel fresh, fast and furiously badass. That's not to mention that the art-style is rocking and the cool dodging mechanics enable for some high-end acrobatic encounters with the merciless enemies.

There's a couple of things that really stand out with the game, and first it's the character design that looks like a cross between V from Vendetta and one of the multiplayer assassins from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Next up, the art-style itself is just really striking. I love the vibrant contrasts of colors with a lot of dark gothic environments offset with the bubbling bright projectiles and a hero in an extravagant purple outfit. It gives the game a sort of Castlevania-feel with its dark saturated palette and intricate details in the environment, while also establishing a personality all its own thanks to the amazingly vivacious colors for the powers and bad guys. It looks gorgeous.

Another thing that really helps the game stand out is its fast-paced and mix of platforming and bullet-hell mechanics. We don't get games that often fuse these elements together but it looks like Savant: Ascent nails it perfectly.

You can check out a Let's Play session of the game, featuring more than 18 minutes worth of gameplay courtesy of Eagle-eyed Loco. If you like what you see feel free to give the game an upvote or two over on the official Steam Greenlight page.

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