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See Princess Zelda And Peach Go Head To Head

Who would win in a fight, Peach or Zelda? That’s the question one creative filmmaker aims to answer in his latest short, which pits two of Nintendo’s leading ladies against one another in mortal combat.

AndrewMFilms seeks to settle a dispute once and for all in order to determine which member of Nintendo royalty truly reigns supreme.

“Zelda and Peach settle their differences in a battle of the Princesses,” reads the video’s tagline.

It’s an apt description, as a simple misunderstanding quickly devolves into a combative free-for-all pulled straight out of Smash Bros.

Zelda vs. Peach boasts some fun performances, lots of clever nods to the characters’ respective video games, as well as some pretty great special effects.

It all begins when Princess Peach decides to go all Mario Golf on a goomba. Princess Zelda teleports onto the scene out of nowhere and is struck by the flying baddie, leading to the epic brawl. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but I think this is a pretty clear case of Zelda overreacting to an extreme degree and blaming Peach for something she herself was responsible for.

As mentioned above, the battle pulls in some pretty great references to various Mario Bros. and Zelda games. Peach uses her umbrella and chucks radishes while Zelda hurls fireballs and whips out a bow and arrow.

When the fight move to the forest, Sheik joins the fray and Peach resorts to using her tears as a weapon a la Super Princess Peach.

I’ll leave the final outcome for you to discover for yourself. As for me, I call shenanigans!

If you have some free time, you’d be well served to check out the AndrewMFilms Facebook page linked above. A lot of the guy’s projects are tied to video games, including Borderlands, the Lego games, Portal and more.

So now that we’ve got AndrewMFilms’ take on the battle of the princesses, we’d be interested to hear your take on the showdown of the century. Do you think it would play out like in the video or do you think, perhaps, it would swing the other way? Andrew manages to pull in a lot of great references, but is he forgetting something that might seriously change the battle’s outcome?

Also, which other characters would you like to see given the “vs” treatment? As an example, here’s one of AndrewMFilms’ other offerings from earlier this year, this time pitting Fallout against Skyrim.

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