Super Mario Bros. Timeline Explained In 9 Minutes

Scorpigator Films put together a nine minute short flick chronicling the adventures and timeline of the Super Mario Bros. The video takes time to exercise, in excruciating detail, the entire timeline of Nintendo's most prized brand. It's an interesting video to watch that you can check out below.

The whole story segment near the latter half of the expounded annals of Nintendo's prime-time money maker, the topic of why Mario fled to his own little island after becoming rich and powerful – and basically evolving into the Activision/Blizzard of the Mario world – is a fascinating and kind of bizarre theory.

It's hard to think that that's the reason why Super Mario Land exists, but the clues scattered throughout the Mario Party, Mario Kart and other Mario sports titles kind of helps support that theory. It doesn't make it any less bizarre, of course.

I think this little video exercise really helps put into place the kind of deeply, interwoven development narrative that helps tie all the of the Mario games together, even if they don't explicitly make it known in the games themselves.

What's more is that near the end of the video there are a few lines that really stick out, such as Mario's reason for doing what he does throughout the series – Scorpigator postulates that it's the timeless adventures that keeps Mario going because... “it wasn't Peach that made him happy....” oh, burn.

Scorpigator hits the nail on the head with a follow-up line that completely flies in the face of certain groups within the media pushing a culturally destructive narrative, where he states...

“We aren't playing these games just to rescue a princess. Mario's story ends knowing that new adventures will come to him, much like we know that new games will eventually come to us, and will for a very, very long time.”

Very well said.

You can check out the entire timeline, as listed on Kotaku, below.

Yoshi's Island,

Yoshi's New Island,

Yoshi's Island DS,

Yoshi's Story,

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time,

Wrecking Crew,

Donkey Kong,

Donkey Kong Junior,

Donkey Kong 3,

DKC Series,

Mario Bros.,

Super Mario Bros.,

Super Mario Bros. 2,

Super Mario 3D Land,

Super Mario Bros. 3,

Super Mario RPG,

Luigi's Mansion,

Super Mario World,

Super Mario Sunshine,

Super Mario Galaxy,

Paper Mario Series and Dr. Mario,

Super Mario Galaxy 2,

Super Mario 3D World,

Super Mario 64,

New Super Mario Bros.,

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga,

Mario Kart DS,

Luigi's Mansion: Darkmoon,

New Super Mario Bros Wii,

New Super Mario Bros. U,

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time,

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story,

Super Princess Peach,

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team,

New Super Mario Bros. 2,

Mario Party,

All the other Mario sports titles,

Mario vs Donkey Kong,

Super Mario Land,

Super Mario Land 2,

Wario Land

Long live Mario.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.