Shutokou Battle Tries To Destroy Xbox 360

One question: What the heck is up with this game?! If there’s one game that could guarantee the hatred from Japanese gamers for the Xbox 360, it would be Shutokou Battle. Goodness, with Forza Motorsport 2 right around the corner, you would think all trailers of a game destined to flop would be banned.

The Xbox 360 is already struggling up a very steep hill in Japan. Console sales are barely pulling in double-digits in the thousands, and even top-tier titles ear-marked for success haven’t done much but move a couple of 360 units off retailer shelves. Japanese gamers couldn’t hate the Xbox 360 anymore than they already do...oh wait...yes, they can!

See Genki Co., the developers behind the long-running Shutokou series, is bringing the game to the Xbox 360. Only, this game has nothing going for it that would make any gamer (i.e., European, Japanese or American) jump up off their lazy rear-ends and buy this game. Graphically, if us gamers are supposed to be thrilled with the software produced from next-gen technology, Genki failed miserably with Shutokou. The game is visually trite, and horribly boring to watch. But not only that, the physics are a tame representation “dynamic” car racing. Sadly, even Juiced on the PS2 and Xbox looked more exciting.

Again, with Forza Motorsport 2 gearing up to live it large on the forefront of retailer shelves, why even tempt Japanese gamers into their continued hatred for Microsoft’s next-gen console? But if you think I’m being harsh on this game, check out a trailer below. The footage you are about to see will entice your eyelids to become heavy and your body to become limp with boredom. Shame on anyone who enjoys this.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.