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The Sims 4 Adds Free Careers; New Outdoor Pack Revealed

Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced that there are new careers added to The Sims 4 that includes new business opportunities, athletic options and outfits to go along with those new life choices.

Over on The Sims website, Daniel has a top 10 list of things you “need to know about the new careers update”. The basics are that there's a new business career path to become an Angel Investor or Business Tycoon. There's also the new athletic career path to become a “Hall of Famer” or the Mr. or Ms. Solar System. Matching outfits have also been added with the new career choices.

New interactive objects have also been included, which bring with them the bonus of being rewarded for interacting with said objects. The career update for The Sims 4 is free, by the way. EA is still on damage control duty over the pools and toddlers fiasco.

A new expansion is also on the way called the Outdoor Retreat. It was revealed over on Sims Vip. I'm not familiar with the website and have no idea if their track record for reveals holds up, but you can check it out for yourself and decide.

The new expansion will supposedly contain an all new destination to visit... the woods, of course. There's also new gear and items players can make use of, including hiking and camping equipment. And just like the career update above, players will also have brand new clothing options to choose from.

According to the website the Outdoor Retreat expansion pack for The Sims 4 has yet to be officially announced by Electronic Arts. I can definitely see why, though. The company has to tread very carefully after a lot of people called them out on the removal of the toddlers and pools.

Most gamers suspected that features were purposefully removed from the game just so that later on EA and Maxis could announce that those same features were making a return just so they could make more money on the DLC. However, given the backlash and outcry from the gaming community over the missing features, EA and Maxis have slowly been letting some updates loose for free.

It's very doubtful that Outdoor Retreat will be free like the career update. The big difference is that there could likely be a lot more content in the outdoor update compared to the career update, so EA is probably going to want to make as much as they can from that one.

Given that the expansion has allegedly been leaked early, it's also possible that it's arriving soon but the head honchos are waiting for a good time to unveil it to the public. Of course, to help with the legitimacy of their find, Sims Vip also revealed a teaser trailer for the supposed Sims 4 expansion that you can view below.

I guess it's a lot harder to deny a fully functional trailer, eh?

Unfortunately there's no date on the expansion pack so it's completely up in the air when you can expect it to arrive. The careers update is currently available right now to Origin users. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.