With 12 days left to go in its Indiegogo campaign, the Skullgirls campaign continues to grow, already passing multiple milestones that will bring players of this indie fighting game two new characters, as well as new levels and campaigns for each.

We reported earlier this month about how the Skullgirls Indigogo campaign was already turning heads, hitting its initial goal of $175,000 in just 22 hours and quickly becoming the fastest project to achieve that goal through the service.

After dealing with some unfortunate issues with their developer, the team at Lab Zero Games managed to pull itself up by its bootstraps and decided to continue to support its game through the ever-popular crowd funding route. The original goal of the project was to fund a single new playable character, Squigly, with stretch goals that would add additional levels, more characters, etc.

With more than a third of a month left to go in the Indigogo campaign, Skullgirls has now reached $416,567. That means that, along with Squigly and all of her trimmings, the team will also be adding the first male character to the game, Big Band, as well as his stage and story. Having passed the $400,000 mark, the developers will now also be creating a female announcer voice pack for the game, too. The next closest level is $450,000, which will add a Salty Parasoul voice pack to the game. If the campaign manages to reach $600,000, however, the fans will get to vote on yet another character to be included.

If you're unsure about the game feel free to check out our Skullgirls review or visit the Official Website to learn more.

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