Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Still Not Working On PS3

PS3 owners are still waiting to get their hands on Dawnguard, the first expansion pack for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda provided an update on their efforts and it doesn't sound like the expansion will be arriving on the PS3 anytime soon.

"Skyrim is a massive and dynamic game that requires a lot of resources, and things get much more complex when you're talking about sizable content like Dawnguard," said Bethesda in a forum post. "We have tried a number of things, but none of them solve the issue enough to make Dawnguard good for everyone."

Bethesda also points out that they're working on additional DLC. For instance, they just announced a Hearthfire add-on that lets you build your own estate. The continuous stream of new content will make it even harder to find a solution for the PS3, the company says.

Dawnguard adds an all-new adventure for players to experience. A sect of vampire lords is attempting to take over all of Tamriel and a society of hunters sets out to stop them. Players can join up with either faction in this conflict. The hunters (the titular "Dawnguard") will give him access to new weapons and armor while the vampires will give you new supernatural powers. It's several hours' worth of new gameplay, all told.

The expansion arrived on Xbox 360 in late June. It then made its way to the PC at the beginning of August. The day of the PC release is when the first storm clouds appeared for PS3 gamers. Bethesda said at the time that they weren't pleased with the PS3 version's performance and would delay it until it was up to snuff.

For what it's worth, Bethesda says they still haven't given up on getting Skyrim's DLC on the PS3. They say that they're currently working with Sony to figure out a way to deliver the new content. Hopefully they can work something out, because it's a shame for one segment of gamers to miss out on all the vampire-hunting action.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.