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Presumably the final day of the Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal promotion is upon us, bringing with it deals on The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Oblivion.

I say “presumably” because it is, in fact, New Year's Eve. While we might see something special being offered tomorrow to ring in 2013, today is the final day “counting down” to the new year, making this the lucky 13th day of Microsoft's ongoing sale.

But whether or not tomorrow will bring more discounts is moot, since today we can all get excited over two big RPGs and a bunch of their DLC being dropped to 33-50 percent off. Major Nelson has the details, as always, giving Xbox gamers the chance to enjoy Oblivion and Skyrim at a fraction of their normal cost.

First up is Skyrim and its two sets of DLC, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, all of which have been marked down by 50 percent. You can download Skyrim from Games on Demand for $29.99 with Dawnguard dropping down to 800 MSP and Hearthfire going for 200 MSP.

If you'd rather go old school and see what the world of The Elder Scrolls was up to a few hundred years before Skyrim, you could also pick up Oblivion through Games on Demand for 33 percent off, or $9.99. Both of its DLC packs have been marked down by half, however, with Shivering Isles going for 600 MSP and Knights of the Nine setting you back 200 MSP.

And here's your obligatory final reminder that this is a “Daily Deal,” so you might want to act fast if any of this looks like a good buy.