With its Feb. 5 release date just around the corner, now is the time for fans of the Sly Cooper series to gear up for the thieving raccoon’s latest adventure in Thieves in Time. To that end, the game’s new animation studio at Ghostbot have put together a short video meant to introduce the series’ characters to newcomers, as well as prime everyone for their latest heist.

Ghostbot’s co-founder and Director Alan Lau dropped by the PlayStation Blog today in order to share his studios mission pertaining to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, as well as show off that animated short we were just talking about. Lau said he is a longtime fan of the Sly series, so of course he was excited when new developers Sanzaru approached Ghostbot about handling the animated cutscenes that take place between the gameplay.

“Working on the 2D cinematics for the game with Sanzaru was loads of fun,” Lau said. “One of our goals was to convey the twists and turns of their story in an entertaining way. We also wanted to inject some real thought and dimension into each character’s personality.”

Whether or not Ghostbot achieved that goal remains to be seen when the game finally launches early next month. Judging by their recently released short, however, things are certainly looking positive. The clip actually takes place before the events of Thieves in Time, following Sly and Co. on one of their earlier adventures.

For more high-flying action and impossible heists, check out Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time when it releases for PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita, complete with cross-play, on Feb. 5.

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