These Sonic Games Are Absolutely Terrifying

Arcane Kids is a small group of fringe developers who make interesting, quirky and disturbing games. Their latest creation is called Sonic Dreams Collection. It's a compilation that's more about short interactive experiences rather than being full fledged games.

Kotaku did an overview of each of the games within the collection. There are four mini-games of sorts, the first is called Make My Sonic, which lets users create their own custom Sonic character and name them. The second one is Eggman Origin; this title requires a lot of hoop-jumping to get it to work and some network configuring. The third one is Sonic Movie Maker, which is fairly self explanatory. The fourth one is My Roommate Sonic, which is supposed to be a VR experience.

YouTuber Optimism Vaccine did a playthrough of the collection and it's bizarre to say the least. Check it out below.

According to Arcane Kids, these are asserted to be long lost "prototypes" from Sega that ended up being canned. Each game was prototyped as a potential new title for the Sega Dreamcast, dating as far back as 1996.

Supposedly Sega saw the horrific potential of these concepts and canned each one. It's easy to see why the Make My Sonic wouldn't be anything more than a novelty, but it could have been a cool addition in a game like Sonic Adventure, having a custom Sonic to play around with in the free roam mode.

The rest just act like out-of-the-blue concepts, especially My Roommate Sonic. There's no viable application for it and I tend to doubt Sega was really heavy into exploring VR... then again, they had all sorts of crazy prototypes that never saw the light of day, from the Sega Mars to the Sega Neptune and a bunch of other projects in between.

The most disturbing of the Sonic Dreams Collection is easily the Sonic Movie Maker. It's a seedy, creepy experience about filming the Sonic characters in various degrees of odd situations. Things start off with Sonic at a beat-up looking house and then it moves to a dark, prom night event where some characters are making out on the floor. Things escalate from there to an orgy in a hotel room where the characters ragdoll around on the bed.

A SAW-esque situation transpires from then on with Sonic on an operating table who is force-fed and has his stomach deforming and growing larger. This is offset with Sonic having bowling balls dropped on his stomach in an operating room where he gives “birth” to various objects and Tails. Another disturbing scene involves crawling around in Sonic's insides before landing in a crib. Things eventually finish off with the characters burning on a roof.

Yes, if that sounds like something you would find in the dank part of YouTube with SFM short-films, then you're thinking on the right track. This is the sort of stuff that gets shoved to the very back of the Steam Workshop for Garry's Mod or Team Fortress 2.

There are a lot of comments going around saying that it's likely that Sega will have Arcane Kids pull the game from the net, but given how Sega has been running things lately I have no idea what they'll do. It's already been more than a day and the Sonic Dreams Collection is still available for PC and Mac.

Some are saying this is probably the best kind of revitalization for Sonic since Sonic Generations.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.