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Sons Of Anarchy Coming To Xbox 360, PS3, PC

We mentioned some time ago that Sons of Anarchy, the popular FX TV series, was being licensed out and turned into a video game. Series' creator Kurt Sutter originally mentioned that they were in negotiations for a distributor, well now he confirms that a big budget game is on the way.

Back in February Sutter Tweeted about the negotiations and how the expenses of a retail console release could be too expensive, and that they were eyeing a possible browser-based released. I'm sure a lot of us core gamers were hoping he could land in the good graces of an established publisher who wasn't just out to milk the license and churn out crap *cough*Activision*cough* or some company who would exploit gamers and the show's fans to turnover as much money as possible with all sorts of DLC and online passes *cough*EA*cough*.

Well, the news back then concluded with Kurt and crew shopping around for a good suitor for a game based on the TV show that outlines the exploits of a Midwest organized biker Chapter. Today, GameSpot reports that Sutter, FX and Fox have joined forces with an undisclosed distributor and the game will not be a piss-poor browser port (thank goodness). According to a recent Tweet, Sutter states that...

Sons of Anarchy] game update. Had a great meeting with a big distributor yesterday. Myself and everyone at FX and Fox is committed to making this happen," ... "Yes, we definitely wanna do a real game. Console based. Not some slapcrap browser MP thing. It'll take awhile, but it's the right way to go."


I'm glad this guy respects his property and doesn't want to do a cheap cash-in. I also hope they didn't end up with a sleazy publisher backing the deal because that could spell all kinds of disaster, too (it would probably be a dream come true if Take-Two was the distributor and Rockstar was the publisher). Most gamers are hoping it turns out something like GTA IV's The Lost and Damned, which was universally praised for its story and character development.

Anyways, we won't be seeing anything noteworthy for the Sons of Anarchy game for quite some time, but we'll definitely keep you posted on any additional info that emerges. For more news and information on the TV show, Sons of Anarchy, be sure to check out TV Blend's coverage right here at CB.

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