Sony Removes Watch Dogs' 1080p, 60fps Claim From PS4 Description

[Update: Ubisoft has confirmed the resolution for PS4 and Xbox One]

Well that didn't last long. Over the weekend a very poignant description was laid bare on the official PlayStation page for Ubisoft's upcoming hack-and-action game, Watch Dogs.

The description stated that the game would be 1080p and 60fps on the PS4, something that many PC gamers were leery of given that the game was already noted to be running at 30fps on Sony's hardware and that even then it had frame drops. It seemed unlikely that the PS4 would be encroaching on the territory of the Glorious PC Master Race.

Well, DualShockers went back to check on the official page once more, and the update has become apparent: Sony has removed the description from the page indicating that Watch Dogs will be 1080p and 60fps on the PlayStation 4.

Previously we reported that the page showcased the image claiming that the game would run in non-peasant resolutions and frame-rate, but it looks like that may not be true. Compare the original to the updated description, and recognize the pathway to potential disappointment.

Previously, Ubisoft had made it known that they were targeting 30fps for Watch Dogs across all console platforms (which roughly means between 15 and 20fps on the PS3 and Xbox 360). With many first-hand observers noting that Watch Dogs still suffered from some frame drops during the previews, as indicated by Digital Foundry's tests from the event footage, which you can check out below.

There's no way that a game dropping frames while trying to maintain 30fps is somehow going to magically get a boost up to 60fps. That's just not technologically possible, unless some other major graphics settings take a hit, similar to the rumors about the game's visual downgrade from earlier in this year.

However, if Ubisoft can find a way to tweak the game's visual settings to allow the PS4 to render at 1080p and 60fps, that would be a marvelous feat to completely bury the Xbox One.

Keep in mind that right now the rumor is that Watch Dogs on Microsoft's media box is relegated to the decrepit and unsightly 900 – 960p. That's close to a 700,000 pixels-per-frame difference between the Xbox One and PS4.

However, with Sony removing the 60fps remark from the official website, one can assume that they'll only have the resolution and DLC advantage over the NSA Spybox.

I suppose, that alone is still a big enough selling point: $100 cheaper, nearly 700,000 more pixels powered onto the screen than the competition, and no AA batteries.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.