Soul Sacrifice released for the PlayStation Vita earlier this year and, since its launch, it’s proven to be the game that keeps on giving. To date, four free DLC add-ons and one extra chapter provided through a title update have been added to the game, totaling nearly a dozen new boss characters and nearly 30 new levels for fledgling wizards to tackle. Today sees a second “season” of free DLC packs hit the game, including two more bosses and another eight missions.

You’ll have to excuse me if it sounds like I’m gushing here. In a day and age when it’s not uncommon to see $10 day one DLC or $6 costume packs stacked onto games we’re already paying $60 for in the first place, it’s a little hard to believe that a game like Soul Sacrifice, which already comes packed with a boatload of content to dive into, would just keep dishing out the gratis goods.

But that’s exactly what’s been happening over the past several months. Every few weeks, a new DLC pack becomes available on the PlayStation Network, offering players a pair of new bosses and brand new missions to enjoy at no additional charge. Additional options and abilities have also been thrown into the mix, all free.

A couple of weeks ago, this PS Vita “hunter” game updated to version 1.20. Along with the usual dose of fixes and tweaks, this update also included a brand new story chapter for the game, “Heretic Savior,” offering a handful of new missions to play. The update also included the Luna Wastes map and a new boss to hunt down.

In short, we’re talking about loads of free additional content and, according to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, it doesn’t look like the party is stopping anytime soon.

“We’re excited to announce that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters added today,” said Producer Kumi Yuasa. “For this content, be sure to download the free unlock key after the PlayStation Store updates to play these quests.”

The two new bosses include the “Prince of Cats,” a Cat Sith, and the “Lord of Flies,” Beelzebub. Like all of the previous new boss characters, both of these bad boys come complete with their own twisted take on classic legends, which can be read within the game or from the above linked blog post.

Despite all of that free content already being given out, however, it looks like the trend will continue in the coming months. It’s not explicitly stated that the remaining DLC will be available free of charge like the rest but, honestly, anyone who would complain about a charge being tacked onto the rest of these packs would have to be out of their mind.

Dates could change but, currently, it looks like the “Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master” pack will be available on Aug. 20, the “Iron Lady’s Tears of Red” pack will arrive on Sept. 3 and the “Fall of the Gods” pack will drop on Sept. 17.

If you’re not too tired of sacrificing souls just yet, it looks like the developers have you covered for at least a couple more months.

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