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Obsidian Entertainment's RPG South Park: Stick of Truth reappeared last night at the Spike VGAs. The new trailer provides a huge amount of new footage from Cartman and friends' latest adventure.

The titular Stick of Truth is apparently the cause of a never-ending war between the humans and elves. In the trailer, we learn that the elves have stolen it from the humans. Presumably the game centers on the New Kid (the player character) and the main characters from South Park trying to retrieve the stick.

I really can't get over how closely the game resembles the show. The characters really look like cutout pieces of paper. Show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker apparently insisted on that visual look for Stick, and I can see why. The game looks like a playable episode of the show.

Stick of Truth was recently delayed into the early months of THQ's 2014 fiscal year. That means we can expect it in spring or summer of 2013.

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