Space Quest Creators Reunite For New Sci-Fi Space Adventure Game

The two fellows who helped revolutionize the comedy-adventure genre with the PC point-and-click Space Quest adventure titles from Sierra On-Line are retiring from their near two decade long hiatus and getting back into the game design business with a brand new title.

For those that don't know, Space Quest starred Roger Wilco in a series of sci-fi misadventures. The games started off as type-and-play games but eventually evolved into the standard point-and-click motif that most puzzle-adventure fans have grown to love. After Space Quest 6 the series just faded into oblivion along with other point and click titles like Quest for Glory and King's Quest.

Well, the duo of Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy unleashed a new website called Guys From Andromeda where they detail their return to game development and that they will be unleashing a new space adventure title. The video goes on and about how Murphy and Crowe are planning to take their project public and Blues News makes the remark of noting that no where on the site or in the video do the duo mention anything about KickStarter, but let's not count it out given that it seems like right now the Guys From Andromeda are slowly building up marketing awareness to make the KickStarter campaign count (assuming that's where this is heading).

What's interesting is that just recently in a Q&A with Rock, Paper, Shotgun Al Lowe and Paul Trowe didn't think it was likely that Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy would be getting back to together (and three out of four of those last names end with 'owe'). But it looks like with the advent of classic gaming making a return to the gaming sphere thanks to crowd-sourcing like KickStarter we'll be seeing a nice homage to the Golden Age of point-and-click adventure titles soon thanks to two of the guys who helped pioneer the genre 20 or so years ago.

You can learn more about the Guys From Andromeda and their project by paying a visit to their Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.