Nintendo may have wrangled another hardcore title for the Wii U. A retailer display in Ireland lists action-stealth game Splinter Cell: Blacklist for the upcoming console.

The image (via NeoGAF) was taken at a GameStop in Dublin. It shows Blacklist alongside numerous other titles already confirmed for the Wii U. The Blacklist Wii U box art could just be a mock-up rather than official material from Ubisoft, though.

It would not be srprising to see Ubisoft bring the Splinter Cell series to Wii U. In the past, they've said they want to be the number one third-party publisher for that console. Also, unlike some publishers, they're optimistic about Wii U's ability to appeal to hardcore gamers. They're also developing survival horror title ZombiU, a Wii U exclusive.

Blacklist is expected next spring so Ubisoft's got plenty of time to announce a Wii U version.

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