LucasArts has revealed their next big Star Wars game franchise. Star Wars 1313 promises to be a more "mature" Star Wars experience than you're used to.

In this game, players take on the role of a bounty hunter. They haven't disclosed the identity of this hunter just yet. The titular "1313," is a reference to a part of Coruscant, the massive urban world. Apparently it's a very seedy area.

In the GameTrailers TV sneak peek, the development team mentions that it's a third-person perspective game. Considering that bounty hunters favor blasters instead of lightsabers, expect the game to be a shooter. That's all we can speculate at this point.

I'm glad to hear that, unlike most Star Wars games, this isn't targeted toward kids. The Star Wars franchise is badly in need of its own Arkham Asylum: a game that really digs into the source material while also providing a solid, mature action experience. Hopefully 1313 will hit the mark that Force Unleashed fell short of.

The first gameplay trailer for 1313 will air on Monday night.

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