Disney Interactive announced today that a new Star Wars space combat game is in development. No, it's not a TIE Fighter remake. It's Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, a brand-new multiplayer title played through web browsers.

In Attack Squadrons, players can pilot classic Star Wars vehicles like the X-Wing and TIE Interceptor in online battles. The game will support battles with up to 16 players. The initial game modes include free-for-all, team dogfight, and base defense. Capital ships like Corellian Corvettes and Imperial Star Destroyers are visible in the first screenshots but it's unclear whether they actually participate in the battle or if they're just scenery.

As players rack up kills and victories, they'll earn points that can be used to unlock additional items, upgrades and ships. Players will also be able to personalize their ships in various ways. Disney says that new unlockables will be added every month.

Attack Squadrons is free-to-play so players will probably be able to spend real-world money to enhance their progression as well. The exact details of the business model weren't spelled out today, though. It's possible that only cosmetic options will be sold instead of upgrades or ships. It could go either way, really.

The game is being developed by Seattle-based independent studio Area 52 Games. Judging by the company's website, this is their first game. Many of the employees were previously at the Amazing Society, another Washington-area studio that released the kid-friendly MMO Marvel Super Hero Squad Online in 2011. While I'm not familiar with the company, I appreciate the unintended World of Warcraft reference in their name,

The closed beta test for Attack Squadrons will begin in early 2014. You can sign up at the official website for a chance at a beta key. The sign-up link doesn't seem to be working just yet, though.

This May, Disney awarded EA the exclusive rights to make Star Wars PC and console games. However, Disney retained the rights to make games for other platforms such as mobile devices and browsers.

The first screenshots and trailer for the game are below. Let us know what you think of them.

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