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November 17 might feel like a long time to wait for the launch of Star Wars Battlefront, but EA and DICE have recently announced that your wait for the beta will be much, much shorter. Get ready to dive into some of the shooter's maps and modes starting Oct. 8.

Officially revealed this week over on the PlayStation Blog, Star Wars Battlefront's beta will be in your hands in just a week and a half. This announcement applies for all platforms, including Xbox One and PC.

Now that we know that the beta will be open to everyone, you'll want to get to downloading this bad boy as soon as it becomes available. You're only going to have about four days to cram in as much Rebel vs. Empire warfare as humanly possible, with the whole shebang wrapping up come Oct. 12.

The announcement states that this beta will serve as a technical test, meaning no major changes should be expected before the Nov. 17 launch. If you're picking up what it's putting down, you'll probably find the full game to be a sound investment.

According to the announcement, beta players will have the opportunity to try out three of Battlefront's main modes, each one taking place on a different planet.

First up is a Walker Assault on the frigid planet Hoth. While the Imperials try to storm the Rebel base in massive AT-AT's, the rebels will do their best to push back against the tide by calling in Y-wing bombers to take care of business. This massive battle is open to 40 players.

Next up is Drop Zone on Sullust. Sounding like a mobile control mode, players will group up in teams of eight and fight to control escape pods that are crashing all over the match. It sounds like teamwork will be key in this particular battle.

And for those of you who prefer to limit your activity to one or two players, a Survival Mission on Tatooine will become available, letting up to two players battle against waves of enemies including some iconic vehicles and elite stormtroopers.

The announcement goes on to give a brief glimpse at Battlefront's companion experience, which will also be available during the beta period. Basically, you'll be able to play a strategic card game in order to earn Credits, which can then be used to unlock additional content in the full game.

And if you happen to still have any questions, then all of those details are followed by a pretty extensive FAQ that covers everything from player count across each mode, whether or not beta progression will carry over into the full game, and how big the beta file size will be (7GB, in case you're worried about space).

Now that you've got all those new details, the only thing left to do is wait until Oct. 8 for the Battlefront beta to go live.

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