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The “Official PlayStation Holiday 2015” commercial has just one thing on its mind, and that’s an ongoing battle between the forces of light and dark in a galaxy far, far away. Get ready to watch a dude’s daydreams become reality as Star Wars Battlefront nears its Nov. 17 launch date.

While technically called a PlayStation Holiday 2015 commercial, this latest advertisement from the Sony camp is all about Battlefront. Honestly, I’m not sure why they didn’t just name it accordingly, as you’d expect a “Holiday 2015” commercial to show off a bunch of current hits, upcoming must-haves and all of those bundles PlayStation has been announcing as of late. Oh, and then there’s price cut that could have been the focus, too.

Don’t get me wrong, this commercial is basically pitch-perfect, it just doesn’t match its title all that well.

I think we’ve all been where the guy featured in this latest television commercial is at. As easy as it is to begrudge Hollywood for not having enough new ideas, it’s nice to have something from the past come back in a big way from time to time.

In this holiday trailer, the subject of this nostalgia absentmindedly picks up an R2-D2 toy laying on his work desk, which brings back childhood memories of flashlight lightsaber duels, dressing up as Yoda for Halloween or racing down a hill on a bike that’s been modded to look like an X-Wing.

The point of the commercial is that those fantasies don’t have to end, as the guy suddenly remembers that Star Wars Battlefront is just around the corner, which will not only bring back the beloved Star Wars universe, but also reboot a fan-favorite game series that hasn’t been around quite a while.

The whole shebang ends with the guy breaking a window and hurling himself from the office building and into the cockpit of an actual X-Wing that’s waiting to transport him to a place where the battle between the Empire and Rebels rages on.

Then again, maybe the message here was that the man, realizing that his blue collar job would never live up to his childhood dreams of legendary encounters in the Star Wars universe, decided to hurl himself from the skyscraper to be figuratively carried away to a better place. Too dark? I went way too dark there, huh?

No matter which way you choose to interpret this commercial, one thing remains constant: Battlefront is nearly here and, for the most part, long-time fans of Star Wars seem to be pretty excited about it.

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