Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Brings New Heroes And Villains

Electronic Arts and DICE revealed what will be included in the season pass for Star Wars: Battlefront. The season pass will include four expansion packs spread across 2016 and they will feature 16 new maps, four new modes and four new heroes and villains.

The news was made public over on the official Star Wars Battlefront website, where they revealed that starting in early 2016 the first of four expansion packs for Star Wars: Battlefront will go live for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One version of the game.

The four expansion packs will include up to 16 different multiplayer maps, presumably fitting four maps into each pack. It's stated on the page that some of the maps will feature brand new locations, which should be exciting for die-hard Star Wars fans.

The maps will also come packed with four new game modes. Some gamers worried that Star Wars: Battlefront not launching with space battles would mean that EA and DICE would keep it out of the main game and later launch the mode as DLC. With four new modes on the table, I wouldn't hesitate to bet that one of those modes might be space battles, or maybe even Galactic Conquest, another popular mode from Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Unfortunately the website doesn't detail what the four modes are and instead only shows an AT-AT walker as an icon for its representation. Given that this game is decidedly different from what Pandemic did with the series, these modes could range from anything as small as eSports-inspired arena modes to something large-scale... like space battles.

Anyway, the modes will also be accompanied with four additional heroes and villains, joining the likes of Leia, Han, Luke, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Emperor Palpatine. Given that this is limited to the Galactic War time-line, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lando make an appearance, along with maybe Chewbacca and one or two characters from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII.

There will also be 20 new pieces of content for cards, weapons and vehicles for both Rebels and the Empire. Given that there aren't that many vehicles in the final game – based on the leaked data mined assets – there's definitely a lot of room for additional vehicles featured throughout the last three episodes. The Star Cards weren't all that impressive to me, but I'm sure people who like collecting new things and expanding their library of power-ups and weapons will surely look forward to whatever is contained within those 20 new packs.

And finally, there's a new emote called “Shoot First”. It will be included in the season pass.

For those of you out there who purchase the season pass, the website notes that you will gain two weeks of early access to the content ahead of everyone else.

Unfortunately DICE and Electronic Arts do not detail how much each of the four content packs will cost individually, but they'll likely carry a $14.99 price tag so as not to undercut the price of the season pass. If it were only $9.99 it would be cheaper to get the packs individually than to get the season pass.

You can look for Star Wars: Battlefront to go live on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 17th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.