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The Star Wars: Battlefront team said more modes would be announced leading up to the game’s Nov. 17 launch date and, today, they’re making good on promise with Supremacy Mode, a game type that encourages all-out warfare in order to control various points on the map.

You can’t offer a modern online shooter without including some sort of mode that features teams battling over fixed points. From Battlefield to Destiny and beyond, this mode focused on map domination is usually a big draw for competitive players.

EA and DICE are well aware of that fact, which is why they’re now pulling back the curtain on Supremacy, a game mode that will utilized Battlefront’s biggest maps and fill them with loads of troops, Heroes and just about every vehicle available elsewhere in the game.

Revealed earlier today on the Battlefront blog, Supremacy maps will feature five control points and teams starting off in possession of two apiece. The initial struggle will be for that pivotal fifth control point, with the remainder of the 10-minute match playing out like a tug-of-war as both sides continue to fight over those all-important locations. Will you defend or attack? Should you head deep into enemy territory or fight closer to your own control points? It’s up to you.

“When you spawn into Supremacy, you don’t have to move far to see a lot of friends—and enemies,” said Lead Level Designer Dennis Brannvall. “You’re thrown into a massive frontline, where your screen is filled with adversaries: infantry, Heroes, Walkers and Starfighters. You can prepare for very heavy and focused Star Wars action.”

As stated above, almost all of the vehicle in Battlefront will be available in Supremacy, so expect to keep one eye trained on the skies as you look out for X-wings and TIE fighters trying to ruin your day. Players will also be able to trigger Hero abilities, taking on the role of characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in order to try and turn the tide of battle.

“Using characters like Darth Vader to secure control points is great, as he can take increased damage before going down,” explained Brannvall. “Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett are great for moving swiftly between attacking and defending positions, and giving you the edge against opponents in battle.”

If you tend to enjoy larger maps that let you stretch your legs a bit, then Supremacy is where you’ll want to hang out, as this is where you’ll find the most room to run. This should come as no surprise to fans of DICE’s other games, as the Supremacy mode itself is largely inspired by Battlefield.

“Supremacy is a game mode that will excite fans of the Conquest mode from Battlefield,” he explained in the original post. “That said, we’ve made several tweaks to improve the formula. You will always spawn close to the action when you enter Supremacy, so you’ll never feel isolated from the fight.”

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