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Star Wars Battlefront Will Use Dedicated Servers

DICE has confirmed that the upcoming Star Wars shooter, Star Wars: Battlefront, will have dedicated servers for online multiplayer. The game still won't have a server browser but the dedicated servers will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers.

The news comes directly from DICE through PlayStation Lifestyle. They managed to get in some time to talk with DICE's senior producer Jamie Keen, who answered a question about whether or not the game would have dedicated servers or peer-to-peer connections, to which it was answered...

We’ll still have dedicated servers. Absolutely. It’s one of the hallmarks of making sure we deliver an [unparalleled] online servers for the game.

This news comes on the heels of a blow-up involving the revelation that Star Wars: Battlefront will no longer have a server browser. This was very devastating news for a lot of gamers because the server browser is what allows gamers to pick and choose who they play with and when.

Instead, DICE had announced that the game would be using a new skill-based matchmaking system where players will be matched up based on their skill level as opposed to manually picking and choosing the server they play on.

The news about the lack of a server browser left a lot of people questioning if rented servers would still be available for Star Wars: Battlefront. The rented servers had a lot of controversy surrounding them when they first popped up for Battlefield 3, as there were allegations that EA and DICE were putting the rented servers up over the original, official dedicated servers. The reason this was a problem for some people was because those who wanted to play vanilla multiplayer in Battlefield 3 had a tougher time finding the official servers compared to the rented servers.

In this case, DICE has managed to at least make gamers somewhat appeased with the news that Star Wars: Battlefront will have dedicated servers, but it still doesn't really offset the disappointing news that the game won't let you browse through servers.

A lot of gamers spread across the world worry about this feature because there are various factors to consider in regards to the playability of the game. For instance, what if there aren't enough skilled players in a certain region? Will the game match up a low-skilled player from Australia with low-skilled players from America if there no low-skilled players in Australia online at the time? Or will the game put ping over skill, and match up a low-skilled Australian player with high-skilled Australian players just for the sake of latency?

Server browsers usually remove these kind of questions because if the matchmaking setup doesn't work then players can just manually pick and choose where they want to play.

Some gamers found this news to be enough to convince them that Star Wars: Battlefront is worth purchasing; others felt as if this still doesn't properly answer the question as to why there won't be a server browser in the game.

With the game's open beta right around the corner we'll see whether or not more or less gamers are won over with DICE's take on Star Wars: Battlefront. The full game will launch on November 17th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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