With Star Wars: Battlefront set to launch on Nov. 17 and the beta still set for some time in October, we now know how participation in said beta will be determined. According to Battlefront Community Manager Mathew Everett, everybody will be invited to the party.

Announced over on the Battlefront blog, Everett stated that the upcoming beta will not be gated in any way.
Now that we have officially announced the beta, most of you are just itching to know how you can get in. Well, we’re excited to say that the beta is open to everyone! Get ready for the beta release date and also make sure your system is ready to download the beta the moment it goes live. Keep your eyes peeled for myself and many other developers during the live beta as we have some cool stuff planned.

That’s a delightful departure from the norm. Nowadays, you either need to pre-order a game, buy a remaster of an earlier iteration or jump through any number of other hoops to take part in a beta program that, more than anything, is helping the developers make sure their game is ready for launch. I’ve never understood beta gating and, with Battlefront, it doesn’t look like that will be an issue. So fingers crossed it doesn’t pull a Street Fighter V, yeah?

As for the launch date of said beta, Everett said the team is still trying to lock those details down and aim to provide them as soon as possible. When the Battlefront beta goes live, it will consist of both the games online and offline modes, including co-op and splitscreen co-op, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

In the competitive department, players will be able to enjoy the Walker Assault on Hoth, as well as the Drop Zone mode on Sullest.

For single player or cooperative antics, it sounds like you will be able to visit that Tatooine mission that’s been on display in trailers already.

After dropping the news that the Battlefront beta will be open to everyone, Everett fielded a handful of questions from the community. Amidst the details he dished out are the fact that there will be 10 bots running around per side in Fighter Squadron missions, the Deluxe Edition will be available on the Xbox One and PS4 as a physical edition, and the fact that you won’t be able to upgrade vehicles, as they were designed with “weapons and abilities that make them authentic to the Star Wars universe.”


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