Star Wars Battlefront Would Have Been A Great SNES Game

What do you think Star Wars Battlefront would look like if it was released, say, 20 years ago? Don't strain your imagination too hard, as the Curse Youtube channel has already done all of the heavy lifting for you. Introducing Super Star Wars Battlefront for the SNES.

Way back in the Super Nintendo days, there was a series of Super Star Wars games that were positively fantastic. They had the look and sound of the movies plugged into a 2D platforming adventure that was a heck of a lot of fun to play.

Curse decided it would be fun to re-imagine what upcoming online shooter Star Wars Battlefront would look like if it was released as part of that series, making for an entertaining trailer that mixes something old with something new.

If you've kept up to date on all of the Battlefront media, you may have noticed that the above clip is just about a shot for shot recreation of one of the earlier trailers for Battlefront, showing off the single player mission on Tatooine. The rebel crashes into the planet and needs to locate the beacon. After blasting their way through a few Stormtroopers and taking out some walkers, they're able to call in an aerial barrage that looks exactly like the kind of “cinematic sequence” you'd expect out of an SNES game.

The trailer closes with the standard set of clips from other intense action scenes we can expect in the game, including a brief and brilliant nod to Star Fox before fading to the fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

If you need a refresher on how far technology has come in this short period of time, here's a look at the Battlefront trailer that inspired this SNES de-make.

If you're not seeing this until the work week, chances are you are one of those people who lost their entire weekend to the Battlefront beta that was open to everyone on all platforms. The buzz online seems to favor the positive column by a sound margin, but we're always interested to hear what our readers have to say about their experience. Our own Pete Haas, for instance, found a handful of things he wasn't too pleased with. Did you play the Battlefront beta? If so, hit us up with your takeaway in the comments section below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.