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Star Wars Collection 50% Off On Steam, Darksiders 75% Off

If you're looking to journey to a galaxy far, far away, Steam has some options for you. They've slashed prices on many of their Star Wars games this weekend.

The Star Wars Collection, a bundle of 13 SW games, is now $49.99 instead of the usual $99.99. You're getting almost every Star Wars game offered on Steam in one fell swoop. The only SW games on Steam not included are the more kid-oriented games Lego Star Wars and Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes.

If you don't feel like buying games in bulk, note that a few individual games in the bundle - grand strategy Empire at War, RPG Knights of the Old Republic, first-person shooter Republic Commando and third-person action game Battlefront II - also received discounts of 50%. You have until Monday at 10am Pacific Time to take advantage of these sales.

Gamers looking for more Mark Hamill after they've gorged themselves on Star Wars can find relief in Darksiders. The hack-and-slash game, which features voice work from Hamill, is 75% off for today. The discount brings the game down to a mere $4.99.

Steam is also in the middle of a five-day Paradox Interactive sales event. From now until Sunday, you can purchase all 90 titles from the publisher for $99.99. Magicka and Hearts of Iron III are just a couple of the games included in the Paradox Complete Pack.

Steam has been holding daily deals on Paradox titles as well. Today they're offering King Arthur at a quarter of its usual price. Arthur puts you in the shoes of the legendary king of Britannia. You recruit Knights of the Round Table, build Camelot, and direct armies on the field of battle.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.