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The official site for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II was altered slightly today. It now shows protagonist Starkiller in the middle of a dark swamp.

As many fans point out on the game's Facebook page, this swamp might be Dagobah. As you may recall, Dagobah is the planet where Yoda went to hide out after the Empire came to power. Granted, it's not the only swamp in the Star Wars universe but LucasArts likes using planets from the films for TUF. The downloadable content for the first game allowed you to fight Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker so dueling Yoda seems like the logical next step.

TUF 2 is expected later this year. Given the amount of information released about it thus far, it's looking like a fall release. Perhaps we'll see more of it during the convention season.

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