BioWare has begun public testing of Patch 1.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Patch 1.1, the first major content update for the game since its December 20th launch, adds a new Flashpoint, expands an existing operation, and makes a number of other important changes.

"As with every update, 1.1 includes many high-priority bug fixes," said BioWare. "We have corrected the issue that prevented some Jedi Knights from progressing in Kira Carsen’s affection conversations, made some previously inaccessible Datacrons reachable, and have made many fixes to various issues in Flashpoints and Operations."

The new Flashpoint is called Kaon Under Siege. It's designed for level 50 players. Accessible through the Ziost Shadow and Gav Daragon, this Flashpoint can be played in either heroic or normal mode.

Karagga's Palace, previously a small one-boss Operation, has been grown significantly. The patch will add four bosses in total to the instance. Also, BioWare has fixed a bug that prevents players from leaving the palace.

The list of fixes for Patch 1.1 is pretty extensive. Level 50 players will no longer be placed into the same Warzones as lower-level players. Bonus missions and their lead-in quests can now be abandoned. Anti-aliasing, previously only available by tinkering with a settings file, will be available in the preferences menu.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Update: BioWare has released a trailer and screenshots for Kaon Under Siege and announced January 17th as the release date.

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